February 28, 2012 | The Editors

Why care about research? Ask Whoopi

The Global Health Technologies Coalition (GHTC) recently approached prominent people in Washington, DC, and asked them to give the rest of Americans a reason to care about research in global health.

Because Americans have always believed they can make a difference, said the deputy assistant administrator for the US Agency for International Development. Because 80 percent of the active ingredients in the drugs we take come from other countries, which makes effective regulation essential, said the FDA commissioner. Because people travel across international borders every day, and some of them are carrying disease, said the congressman.

Because AIDS doesn’t care who you are, said actress and political activist Whoopi Goldberg.

Housed at PATH’s offices in Washington, DC, the GHTC includes almost 40 nonprofit organizations working to raise the profile of research for new global health tools. One way the coalition does that is by issuing annual policy recommendations—the 2012 version was  released today. The policy recommendations outline actions the United States can take to help reduce deaths, extend lives, and secure healthier futures by supporting research for new health tools such as vaccines, drugs, diagnostics, and other products.

Goldberg might favor that. As she concludes in her video, “Why not just get in and take care of business?”

You can see more of the GHTC’s videos on the coalition’s YouTube channel.

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