June 12, 2012 | The Editors

Remember your 5th birthday?

Portrait of Steve Davis at age five.
PATH president and CEO Steve Davis, age five. Photo: courtesy of the Davis family.

The blonde girl poses before the fireplace, her hands folded politely in her lap, a Peter Pan collar on her dress. “Chicago,” someone has carefully inked in blue at the top of the family snapshot. “Hillary 1952.”

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton at age five has full cheeks and a sweet smile. Senator Tom Coburn of Oklahoma has big brown eyes and a disarmingly direct gaze. Tony Blair, former British prime minister, looks very much like an age five version of . . . Tony Blair.

A host of well-known political leaders, sports stars, entertainers, and even celebrities (Kim Kardashian with pigtails) have uploaded pictures of themselves at age five to an online photo album sponsored by the US Agency for International Development. Their goal is to support one message: every child should have the chance to be five years old.

You can join them by uploading your own photo as a five-year-old at the website Every Child Deserves a 5th Birthday.

This year, more than 7 million children, most of them living in poor countries, will die before they turn five. What’s more, their deaths are largely preventable. Later this week, health leaders from around the world will meet in Washington, DC, to discuss how to end preventable child deaths. See our blog on Thursday for PATH’s perspective.

In the meantime, our president and CEO Steve Davis is adding his photo as a five-year-old to the campaign. Check out the cowlick.

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