October 29, 2012 | The Editors

China: a player in global development

“In 1983, I was among the first group of graduate students to study at Beijing University following the tumultuous years of the Cultural Revolution,” our President and CEO Steve Davis writes in his blog post for the Huffington Post. “It was one of the most extraordinary times of my life.”

Young boy holding pencil working on problems in a notebook.
A Chinese boy tackles his schoolwork. Photo: Jacques Bablon.

Over the nearly 30 years since his student days, Steve has continued his close relationship with China—including adopting a son there—often marveling at the sometimes jolting changes in the country as it has opened up to the world. During his last trip, which included a visit to our offices in Beijing, one change became particularly clear: China has become a player in global health and development, and PATH is a partner.

“…the question for organizations like PATH is not whether to work with Chinese partners, but how to work with them,” Steve writes. “In light of the quality, strength, and size of life sciences research and development, manufacturing, and the pharmaceutical and devices markets emerging within China, our strategy so far has been to engage with business, academic, and government partners there to bring needed products to the international marketplace.”

Check out Steve’s blog at the Huffington Post for more.

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