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Picture the world without tuberculosis

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Tuberculosis—an airborne disease that kills 4,000 people a day worldwide—continues to be a public health crisis in many developing counties, including Vietnam. In 2011, nearly 100,000 people in Vietnam were diagnosed with TB. Thousands died from the disease.

World TB Day—March 24—focuses attention on a disease that worldwide kills a million and a half people every year, even though we know how to cure it, often at low cost. Since the day’s theme this year is “Stop TB in my lifetime,” it seems fitting to invite you to view some colorful educational paintings and posters from two contests organized by PATH and the Vietnam National TB Program. Many of the artists are school-age children and fine-art students. Ending TB within their lifetimes seems an entirely realistic goal.

Ways to end tuberculosis

The contests are meant to educate people about TB and encourage them to support the National TB Program’s goal of eliminating the disease. They also help reduce stigma about TB and those who contract it, and generate interest in prevention, treatment, and control of the disease. And they give participants and their families a reason to learn about the TB epidemic—often through the packet of informative materials each participant receives as a spur to their creativity.

The contests are just one way PATH works with national and international partners to stop TB—in Vietnam and elsewhere. You can read about how PATH training helped one Vietnamese pharmacy owner help her clients and learn more about our work to stop TB in Vietnam and across the world by visiting the pages listed below.

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