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Double your gift’s impact

“Every baby should have its toes kissed,” says psychologist and writer Valerie Tarico. “The question is, how do you create the conditions so that when children come into the world their parents are ready to kiss their toes and celebrate them?”

Young girl places her hand over her upper arm where she's received vaccination, with the words "Share the health: donate now for 1:1 match."Excellent question.

For Valerie, the answer includes giving every woman access to family planning “so she can take care of her family rather than having another baby when she doesn’t feel ready.”

For Brian Arbogast, director of the Water, Sanitation & Hygiene program at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (and Valerie’s husband), those conditions include addressing lack of access to sanitation, “which leads to half of all hospitalizations in the developing world.”

For both, it means supporting PATH, because we’re working on these issues and more.

What can we achieve together? Watch our video and find out.

Right now, conditions are right for taking inspiration from Valerie and Brian and making a year-end donation to PATH—a generous donor is matching every dollar that we receive between now and December 31 toward our goal of $275,000.

Double the power, double the impact

Man, woman, and two girls posing in front of a palm tree.
Through PATH, Brian Arbogast and Valerie Tarico, and their daughters Brynn and Marley, are helping families thrive. Photo: Courtesy of Valerie Tarico.

Brian and Valerie believe in the power of doubling your support. When their daughters Brynn and Marley make a donation to a favorite cause, for example, they match the funds.  “We’re investing in helping them discover how exciting it is to be part of a community that makes things better,” explains Valerie.

And they encourage you to be part of PATH’s community of donors. “One of the reasons that we’re excited about supporting PATH is there’s a very high return on investment,” says Brian. “The outcomes are big and aspirational. And if you give now you get double your return.”

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