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What do donors want?

When you make a charitable gift at the end of the year, what do you really want?

Young girl places her hand over her upper arm where she's received vaccination, with the words "Share the health: donate now for 1:1 match."We’re willing to bet it’s not address labels, a calendar, or even an invitation to lunch with the CEO. We think it’s more likely you want your donations to make a difference.

“PATH’s pledge to donors says that we’ll use your gift in the most effective way possible,” explains Mike Kollins, our chief operating officer. “That’s a promise we take extremely seriously. Not only does our reputation depend upon our good stewardship and transparent use of funds, the lives of the people we serve very often do, too.”

Keeping our promises

Pie chart reading, "How we use funds: 39.8% emerging and epidemic diseases, 28.8% vaccines and immunization, 13.2% health technologies, 10.6% maternal and child health, 6.0% reproductive health, 1.6% cross-program initiatives."To fulfill our promise to you, we’re careful to manage every aspect of our work so that more than 85 percent of expenses are directed to our global health programs. We start with a detailed budget developed 12 months in advance. Once a quarter, we run reports on every single project to monitor exactly how funds are being used. The chart here shows our spending in broad global health categories.

You can get the bigger picture of our fiscal management from the overview of our expenses shown in the chart below. About half of our staff live in the countries where our work occurs, which helps support local economies and systems.

Pie chart with text that reads, "Our expenses: 86.4% program services, 12.5% management and general, 0.6% bid and proposal, 0.5% fundraising."We’re pleased to say that others have taken note of our high standards for sound fiscal management. Charity Navigator, America’s largest independent evaluator of nonprofits, has awarded us its highest possible rating—four stars—a designation we’ve received for nine years in a row. Only 1 percent of rated charities can say the same.

A commitment to measuring impact

An important companion to fiscal management is careful monitoring and evaluation of our work. We want to make sure that we’re making an impact. We start our projects with a clear statement of desired outcomes, monitor progress along the way, and measure results as work concludes. The lessons we learn help to make our future work even more effective.

We’re also interested in the performance of our organization as a whole over time. We’ve developed a set of cross-program indicators and organizational effectiveness indicators—measurable steps toward interventions that improve health. For those interested in the details, we’ve developed a brochure that explains our monitoring and evaluation planning and process.

Reporting back to you

These are just some of the ways we let you know how we use your donations, and how your generosity improves lives the world over. For more details, we invite you to see our yearly report to contributors and our most recent annual report.

“At PATH, our commitment to excellence extends to our management of your gifts,” says Mike. “We’re both proud of the trust you put in us and humbled by your support. Together, we’re changing lives for the better.”

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