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Why give? Our donors know

Young girl places her hand over her upper arm where she's received vaccination, with the words "Share the health: donate now for 1:1 match."It takes dedication and determination to transform a good idea into global change. That’s what PATH does every day: turning innovative ideas into workable solutions and ensuring they reach those who need them most.

The dedication and determination are not just ours. It’s people like you who make sure that every idea gets a chance to succeed. Gifts from families who share our vision of equity in health worldwide provide the funding that drives our most innovative and transformative work.

Don’t take it from us. Find out from our donors why they’ve chosen to invest in PATH, and please consider joining them by making a gift today. Right now, you can double the impact of your support: gifts we receive toward our goal of raising $275,000 will be matched dollar for dollar between now and Dec. 31.

Give to get the most impact from your gift

Five members of a family pose with arms around each other.

“There is so much need in India and the other countries where PATH works, and PATH is doing amazing work to meet those needs. It’s clear to my family that our gifts to PATH are valuable.”

–Neha Jejurikar, Washington, DC

Give to bring about lasting change

Smiling mother poses with young son.
Lora Kaiser and her son Davis. Photo: Courtesy of Lora Kaiser.

“PATH is my partner in global health. They reach people, families, children, who I can’t reach myself.”

–Lora Kaiser, Granite Bay, Calif.

Give to provide better health from day 1

Young boy snacks on a cracker while being carried  in a backpack on smiling mother's back.
Brenda Flynn and her son Thane. Photo: Adam Flynn.

“For my son, and for families everywhere, I couldn’t imagine a better gift than this: reduce the numbers of parents who have to bury their children and reduce the numbers of children who are orphaned when they don’t have to be. Supporting PATH means I’m supporting families just like mine who deserve a fighting chance and a hopeful future starting at day 1.”

–Brenda Flynn, Boston

Give to advance innovation, start to finish

Young man and young woman pose with their arms around each other.
Bryan and Martha Kim. Photo: Courtesy of Bryan and Martha Kim.

“PATH invests in developing the technology, then further invests to bring that technology to where it is needed. That appealed to the inner technologist in me—that PATH is actually working on product development as well as delivery of services.”

–Bryan Kim, New York

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