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It’s not our fault your train is late

Young man gazes at a mobile phone in his hand. Text reads, "Let's connect all the PATHs. #allthePATHS.
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PATH drives transformative innovation to save lives. But we don’t drive trains.

So when the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey’s PATH commuter trains are delayed and you miss your date for pizza, tweeting at us @PATHtweets won’t help. Try @PATHtrain instead.

We also can’t claim any credit when you tweet admiringly about the colorful PATH train decor.

 Life can take many PATHs

Sometimes it’s an advantage to be mistaken for another PATH. We got excited when actress Kristen Bell told her 1.41 million Twitter followers to donate $500 to @PATHtweets for a chance to join her at the premiere of her new Veronica Mars movie.

Oops. She meant to tag the Southern California advocates for homeless people called PATH, or People Assisting the Homeless (@PATHpartners). We are returning any accidental donations.

 That’s not us either

And that’s just the beginning. We’re not PATH International, which promotes equine-assisted activities and therapies for people with special needs, or PATH, the organization that provides child and family services in Minnesota, North Dakota, and Idaho.

People ask if we’re related to PATH.com, the private social network headquartered in San Francisco. We have an office in South San Francisco, but that’s the limit of our connection. They confuse us with Partnership for Transforming Health Systems II (PATHS2), which is based in Great Britain.

Not to mention the organizations with the word “path” as part of their name: Pathfinder International, Adaptive Path, Return Path, PathCorpDirect Path Corporation, AgilePath Corporation. . .the list goes on and on.

We’re cool with you too, Dave

On this April Fool’s day, we admit we get a kick out of it when people contact us about their train service. And we’re doubly appreciative when they learn the difference between PATH, the international health organization, and PATH, the trains between New Jersey and Manhattan.

In honor of all the crossed PATHs, this week on Twitter we’re trying to connect every organization with “path” in its name under the hashtag #allthePATHs. So jump over to Twitter, tag all the “path” companies and organizations you can think of, and join the conversation.

Meantime, a little more venting

You say you can’t get enough of people tweeting at a global health organization about their commuter train? Neither can we:



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