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An overview of PATH in 5 short videos

We've released some great short videos recently. Which one is your favorite?

Can we sum up everything PATH does in five short videos? Not even close. Our recent annual report gives a broader picture, but even that barely captures the breadth and depth of our work across the spectrum from development to delivery of innovations. Still, in the last few months we have released several great videos, so we’re gathering them here. Together, they create a nice overview of our work.

1. Imagine a New Day

Our work spans five platforms that, together, have the potential to solve challenges that stand in the way of better health and greater development for women and children.

2. Defeat Diarrheal Disease? Together, We’ve Got it Covered

If there was a way to save half a million children’s lives every year, wouldn’t you join that movement?

3. Investing in the Future to Defeat Malaria

>About 600,000 people die from malaria every single year—most of them young children. At PATH, we are leading an ambitious scientific quest to develop the first-ever malaria vaccine.

4. Female Condoms Are My Power, My Protection, My Pleasure!

In 2013, we ran a contest for short videos about female condoms, and the submissions amazed and delighted us. The winner, from Pathfinder International, is an amusing look at how young people are solving some of Mozambique’s biggest health problems and having fun doing it. (You can see all of the videos here.)

5. Make the Possible Real

We believe all mothers should have safe births and healthy newborns. This video highlights our work in South Africa, where we are strengthening care in the first 1,000 days of life—from a mother’s pregnancy to her child’s second birthday—to ensure a healthy start and lifetime of possibility. This important work is supported in large part by individual donors.

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