December 23, 2015 | The Editors

Myanmar smiles, Vietnam selfies, and poop hats: our favorite 2015 photos

2015 PATH photography from Africa to Asia, and from silly poop hats to serious documentation of women's safety and hygiene.
Girl and her mother sit at a market stall in Myanmar wearing traditional face powder.
Photo: PATH/Minzayar.

Elections and change: Myanmar is undergoing a rapid transition, with old customs and traditions being challenged by new technology and ways of thinking. Advertisements for the emerging mobile phone sector (shown here with the wild-haired youth) seem to cover every available surface, while women and girls still wear traditional thanaka paste on their faces. Read more about our work in Myanmar.

Back of a young woman, simple latrines
Photos: PATH/Photovoice participants.

First-hand storytelling: we gave South African women cameras and asked them to document the challenges they face in managing their monthly cycle.“I had my first period at school,” recalled one woman from Durban, South Africa. “My teacher said that I must tell them at home and do not come to school the following day. I sat and did not go to school for the whole week.” Read the blog post.

Hands hold tubing designed to be inserted into infant nostrils.
Photo: PATH/Tom Furtwangler.

Resuscitation for newborns: respiratory infections are a leading cause of infant mortality in many of the world’s poorest places. Bubble CPAP devices and oxygen blenders are standard in American neonatal wards, but their high cost puts them beyond the reach of many hospitals, as does their requirement for pressurized oxygen and air, steady power, and access to trained technicians and replacement parts. So with partners we’re developing a simpler, less-expensive version. For now, this innovation is still in the PATH product development shop, but soon it could be providing lifesaving support in newborn nostrils worldwide. Learn more about this project.

three south african women sitting on a couch with a baby in arms
Photo: PATH/Patrick McKern.

Engaging South African communities: the Thogomelo Project cares for and protects vulnerable children by increasing the knowledge, abilities, and well-being of those who are responsible for them. This photo was taken on a PATH Journeys donor trip to South Africa, an opportunity for supporters to see our work first hand. Here a community caregiver (left) trained through the Thogomelo Project is on a home visit to see Thandy, her mother, and her baby daughter inside their small house in a township in Johannesburg, South Africa. Explore PATH Journeys trips.

woman hands man a gift onstage
Photo: PATH/Christopher Nelson.

A contraceptive gift: at our annual Breakfast for Global Health we were honored to have Bill Gates as a featured speaker, as well as hearing from South African staffer Fiona Walugembe about the powerful impact of our Sayana® Press family planning project, which has received support from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. At the breakfast, Fiona presented Gates with a special edition of the Sayana Press device. Read about Sayana Press, a new family planning option being piloted with African women.

Vietnamese teens take a selfie as a group
Photo: PATH/Matthew Dakin.

The power of the selfie: PATH’s program in Vietnam celebrated a remarkable milestone: 35 years of local partnership and innovation. Staying on the cutting edge, our Healthy Markets project is leveraging social media and cross-sector partnerships to harness the power of Vietnamese youth culture to move toward HIV elimination. Read the blog post.

two African nurses sit on a bench in front of a wall
Photo: PATH/Hallie Goertz.

Taking a break: PATH employee Hallie Goertz was in Zambia as part of PATH’s Better Immunization Data Initiative (BID) which is working to empower countries to enhance immunization and overall health service delivery through improved data collection, quality, and use. As Hallie took a break and looked out the window, she noticed these two nurses doing the same in the courtyard of the Kalingalinga Health Centre in Lusaka, Zambia. Read the latest blog post on PATH’s work in digital health solutions.

Photo: PATH
Photo: PATH.

We can’t wait: PATH staffers Laura Edison and Hope Randall took to social media wearing poop hats (!) in support of World Toilet Day messaging.  All in a day’s work for our dedicated DefeatDD colleagues.

From Africa to Asia, and from silly poop hats to serious projects that help ensure women’s safety and hygiene, PATH is working in more than 70 countries to save lives and improve the health of the most vulnerable. Your support helps ensure our success. Please remember PATH in your year-end giving.

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