June 10, 2016 |

The Innovation Effect: powering disruptive global health solutions

We’re accelerating impact through unique partnerships, disruptive technologies, transformed systems, and data-driven insights.

Watch our new one-minute video and join the conversation at #InnovationEffect to help us change lives for the better.

When real time data powers health systems, disease can be eliminated.

When women are empowered with the tools to make decisions about their health, their families thrive.

Innovation like this is the centerpiece of every disruptive global health solution.

At PATH we’re passionate about the power of innovation. We’ve seen firsthand how groundbreaking innovations can empower women to take charge of their own health, keep girls in classrooms, expand access to clean water, and bring dramatic reductions in the impact of stubborn diseases.

As a global community, we’re making amazing progress. Maternal mortality is plummeting. Global poverty is trending downwards as well. More girls are graduating, and more families have access to vaccines to keep their children healthy.

But how can we create even greater impact?

Alongside our partners, diverse stakeholders, and fellow change-makers in the global health community, we’re convening a new conversation around what we call the Innovation Effect.

The Innovation Effect happens when unique partnerships, disruptive technologies, transformed systems, and data-driven insights combine—in often unexpected ways—creating dramatic improvements in the health and well-being of people around the world.

We stand at the nexus of a new era in global health. The Sustainable Development Goals challenge us to accelerate and consolidate progress. We have an opportunity to chart a course for action that will let us fully realize the power of innovation and disruptive solutions to tackle some of our biggest global challenges.

Watch the video, follow #InnovationEffect to learn more, and join us as we come together to accelerate action. We can usher health technologies and systems innovations over the threshold, from bright ideas to breakthrough solutions that change millions of lives.

For more information, see our Advocacy Journey feature.

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  • Kaitlin Christenson is the interim director of PATH’s Advocacy and Public Policy Department.