January 5, 2017 |

Progress: we won’t let it stop in 2017

Steve Davis, our president and CEO, penned this New Year’s message to PATH partners, supporters, and friends.
A female toddler with bright hair ties and in a polka-dot jumper is held by a woman.
Photo: PATH/Georgina Goodwin.

Dear friends and supporters,

Humanity, with all of its failings, is making great progress—and that progress will continue. In just one generation, more than a billion people have risen from poverty to join the middle class. The number of children who live to their fifth birthday has doubled. Diseases that once raged unchecked are coming under control or even poised for elimination. Together, we’ve helped build this momentum. And together, we will sustain it.

In 2017—PATH’s 40th anniversary—we recommit to this continued progress and all it demands of us. And we thank you for your partnership and support, which fuel us in so many ways.

As PATH’s president and CEO, I am fortunate to work with staff and partners from all over the world—people who never falter in the face of profoundly challenging circumstances. As we begin this new year, I want to share the hope and inspiration of some of PATH’s staff with you.

Portrait of Moses Dombo, PATH chief of party, Uganda.
“I read a wall posting in someone’s office which said, ‘If you think you are too small to make a difference, you haven’t spent a night with a mosquito.’ Through my advocacy work, I am inspired by ordinary citizens believing they can make a difference and, by getting together and acting together, offset bad policies and laws.”—Moses Dombo, PATH chief of party, Uganda. Photo: PATH.
Jean-Claude Kiluba, PATH regional coordinator, Democratic Republic of the Congo.
“We are in an unstable political situation in my country with protests, arrests, and even deaths. We also struggle with bad roads, unstable internet, and lack of electricity. But I have hope for the future because I do not work alone. We are working together—nationally and internationally—to find solutions to our problems.”—Jean-Claude Kiluba, PATH regional coordinator, Democratic Republic of the Congo. Photo: PATH/Georgina Goodwin.
PATH program officer, Svitlana Leontyeva.
“In Ukraine, a major challenge to implementing our work is a quick turnover of government officials. The minister of health can change once or even twice a year! So whenever I enter a decision-maker’s room, I picture the smiling faces of the people we are working to help. Enthusiasm, passion, devotion: all of these feelings are contagious.”—Svitlana Leontyeva, PATH program officer, Ukraine. Photo: PATH.
Portrait of Gracy Gompana, PATH senior clinical research associate, India.
“Although we work in an uncertain and ever-changing landscape, the fact that our work contributes to the betterment of children keeps me going. The skill sets that we have acquired, the people that we have met give me hope that there will be a better world.”—Gracy Gompana, PATH senior clinical research associate, India. Photo: PATH/Lal Sadasivan.

With staff members like these and partners like you, I have faith that we will continue to transform the world for the better. I’ve renewed my determination to ensure that science and evidence remain the foundation on which PATH builds solutions, and I will advocate even more strongly for an equitable world.

My thanks to the thousands of people who supported PATH’s work last year with their financial resources, partnership, and passion. I hope to celebrate with you as we mark 40 years of making progress possible.

Wishing you a healthy and happy 2017.

Steve Davis

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